Facebook asked users how it makes money, removes harmful content and takes care of users and their security concerns. Following the July update, talks are taking place on Facebook’s work with the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network and there are inputs from ongoing conversations with regulators, policymakers and consumer protection experts around the world, the company said. Anna Benkert, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, said, “We include more details on how we make money, including a new introduction that we don’t charge you money for using our products because business and Organizations pay us to show you ads.” On Facebook.

Facebook said it will examine content uploaded by users to the app to see if it’s their own content — like photos and videos — and that they own the intellectual property rights in that content. “You give us permission to do things. Like display that content and that permission expires when that content is taken off Facebook. This is how online services work and that has always been the case on Facebook,” Benkert said.

Facebook is providing more details about what happens when people delete content they’ve shared.


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