ARCI scientists repair parts of aero-engines through 3D printing


A team of scientists from the International Advanced Research Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) has smelted the unused scrap material and prepared an indigenously developed powder for additive manufacturing using inert gas atomizers available at ARCI. Using this, ARCI is developing a laser-DED process to repair aero-engine components made from nibed superalloys, a release said.

Indian scientists have, for the first time, repaired aero-engine components through an emerging additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology called the ‘Directed Energy Deposition’ process, which can significantly reduce repair costs and overhaul time.

Scientists indigenously prepared suitable powder for the additive manufacturing process. Ni-based superalloys are widely used in aero-engine components, but despite having exceptional properties, are prone to damage due to extreme operating conditions. Manufacturing defects during the casting or machining process are another major cause of rejection, and tons of such unused components end up with minor defects.

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