New Delhi: Israeli cyber security company Pegasus is making headlines in India for its phone tapping of Indian journalists, human rights activists and politicians. Earlier, it was reported that Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, a non-profit in France, found “evidence” of NSO’s phone records, which they shared with several media organizations around the world, including India.

Now there is a tremendous U-turn in this ‘Kaha’. According to a report by Israeli media outlet Calcalist, Amnesty International has now clarified that it never claimed that the list was related to NSO. The report said, “Amnesty International has never presented the list as the ‘NSO Pegasus spyware list’. Few media organizations in the world would have done so. This list is indicative of the interests of the company’s customers. It states, “Amnesty and the investigative journalists and media organizations they work with have made it clear from the outset that the listing of NSO is in the best interest of its customers. Simply put, it means people who can be like NSO clients and who like to spy.

According to journalist Kim Jeter, Amnesty is now essentially saying that the list includes people whose NSO clients are generally interested in spying, not people who were spied on. Amnesty says it was very clear from the start that spying targets were “not” on the NSO’s list.

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