Tata Motors Touches 80 Thousand Percentage Of The Sales Of Passenger Vehicles


Tata Motors Touches 80 Thousand Percentage Of The Sales Of Passenger Vehicles

Tata Cars Sales Report: India’s leading carmaker Tata Motors has released its June 2022 report on car sales. Based on these numbers Tata Motors has taken an impressive position in terms of sales. However, there is another aspect that is not in favor of Tata, its loss of the title of being the second-largest company behind Hyundai. Hyundai company.

Although Hyundai has reported sales of more than 49000 vehicles, on the other and the other hand Tata had sold over 45000 vehicles. With these numbers, Tata Motors is seeing more success in terms of SUVs that are in the segment. Tata’s Safari, Nexon, Punch Harrier, Nexon and EV as along with various variations of sedan and hatchback vehicles such as Tigor and Tiago have also seen significant sales. We’ll now look at Tata’s report on car sales from June 20, 2022.

bumper demand for passenger vehicles

Examining the figures of Car Sales Report for June 2022 published in June 2022 by Tata Motors, the company has sold 79,606 cars in the domestic market. This is an annual increase of 82 percent and a month-long growth of 6percent. There was a huge demand for passenger cars in June where the Tata company sold 45,197 units on the domestic market, in terms of automobiles. We can tell you that this number is 87.46 percent more than June 2021. However, 4.28% is higher as a result of the sales for the month. Tata Motors sold a total of 43,341 cars during May of 2022.

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The trend of Tata electric vehicles is apparent

Tata Motors has a different perspective when it comes to electric cars. In the latest sales figures for EV vehicles Tata Motors has sold 3,507 vehicles of Nexon EV Tigor EV, Tigor Tigor and just introduced Nexon EV Max within June, and that’s with a monthly increase of over 2percent and 433%. and an annual increase of . This feat was made by Tata Nexon in terms of the most popular car sold by Tata. The new cars Tata Tigor and Tata Tiago CNG made by Tata Motors are gradually striving to increase their popularity in the minds of the masses. It is probable that Tata Motors could also launch CNG versions from Tata Punch as well as Nexon in the the coming time.


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