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Tata Motors launches 21 commercial vehicles in cargo and passenger segment

Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company Tata Motors on Thursday unveiled 21 new commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, to meet the changing needs of transportation of cargo and people in various sectors. Seven medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCVs) and five intermediate and light commercial vehicles (4-18 tonnes GVW) have been unveiled by the company with CNG powertrain. In addition, the automaker has unveiled four new LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), aimed at improving last-mile delivery efficiency and reducing operating costs. These include the Ace, which has a gasoline engine, and the Winger Cargo, which is designed to meet the growing needs of e-commerce distribution.

Commenting on the launch, Girish Wagh, Executive Director, Tata Motors said. “The engines of infrastructure development, consumer consumption and e-commerce that power the Indian economy need constant transportation support to keep them running smoothly.” We continue to deliver superior value proposition to our customers by offering ready-made products and services.

The 21 new vehicles introduced by the company today have been designed to meet the evolving needs of the country’s economy and the growing demand for efficient transportation, he added. “Every aspect of these vehicles has been purposefully scaled to meet various duty cycles as well as specialized applications,” Wagh said.

The vehicles are ideal to meet customer needs of higher vehicle usage for higher revenue with lower costs for higher profits, as they incorporate the latest advances in technology, sophisticated powertrains and upgrades in comfort and convenience, he added. .




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