Stock Market Opening With Big Decline, Nifty Breach 16,000 Level, Sensex Dips 650 Points


Stock Market Opening: The stock market has opened on a strong decline today and there is a ruckus in the market. Sensex has broken 650 points as soon as the market opens due to all-round selling. On the other hand, today Nifty has broken the important level of 16,000 in the opening minute itself. Inflation figures are going to come today and the domestic stock market is breaking down due to fear of a strong increase in it.

stock market move slow
In today’s trade, the BSE Sensex has fallen by 644.54 points, or 1.19 per cent, to 53,443.85 and the NSE Nifty has fallen by 174.10 points or 1.08 per cent to 15,993. In this way Nifty has broken the important level of 16,000.

Market condition at 9.28 am
Within 15 minutes of the market opening, the fall in the Sensex increased and it has broken 850 points. It is trading at 53,237.61 on a decline of 850.78 points i.e. 1.57 percent. On the other hand, NSE’s Nifty is trading at 15,912 with a fall of 255.10 points or 1.58 percent.

Market move in pre-open
Today the market was trading with signs of a tremendous decline in the pre-open itself and the Sensex fell 480 points to the level of 53608. In this way it has also broken the level of 54,000. At the same time, trading was going on at 16021 after a fall of 146 points in Nifty. In this way, in the pre-open, Nifty was above 16,000 but as soon as the market opened it came down to 16,000.

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Nifty-Bank Nifty’s bad condition
Today 48 out of 50 Nifty stocks are trading in the red mark and Bank Nifty is trading at a level of 34,080.85, down 612.30 points or 1.76 percent. The market has come down to a 9 week low today.

Inflation at 40-year high in US markets
Inflation figures have come in the US markets yesterday and the level of inflation has reached a 40-year high here. At the same time, inflation figures are going to come in the country today, in which
There is a possibility of more price increase than last time. Indian stock market is not able to recover due to fear of this.


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