Vandana Kataria created history, became the first player to score a hat-trick


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New Delhi: Indian women’s hockey team defeated South Africa 4-3 in a do or die match. Vandana Katariya scored three and Neha Goyal scored one goal for India. Vandana Kataria has become the first Indian woman to score a hat-trick in an Olympic event. The hope of the Indian hockey team going to the next round is still intact. If Britain beats Ireland today, India will reach the quarter-finals.

Vandana Katariya scored the first goal in the fourth minute as the first quarter got India off to a good start. However, South Africa equalized in the final moments of the first quarter. In the second quarter too, Vandana scored another goal in an aggressive game to take the score to 2-1. However, South Africa leveled 2-2 in the first half, attacking India’s weak defense line for the second time. In the third quarter, India once again took a 3-2 lead with the help of Neha Goel’s goal. But South Africa returned to the match with their third goal to level the match once again. Vandana scored the third goal in the 49th minute to give India a 4-3 lead, which proved decisive. Taryn Glass, captain Erin Hunter and Marijne Marais scored for South Africa.

The Indian team, which qualified for the Olympics for the second time in a row, finished 12th in the Rio Olympics. In the first three matches, India were defeated by world number one Netherlands 5-1, Germany 2-0 and defending champions Britain 4-1. Navneet Kaur’s goal in the fourth match helped India beat Ireland 1-0.


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