This player officially became the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, the fourth cricketer from Pakistan to come to this position.


Former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja has been unanimously elected as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for a three-year term. PCB Election Commissioner and retired judge Sheikh Azmat chaired a special meeting at the National High Performance Center on Monday which resulted in Raja taking over as the PCB chairman.

Raja, along with Asad Ali Khan, was nominated to the Board of Governors for a three-year term on 27 August by the PCB patron, Prime Minister Imran Khan. These were joined by independent members Asim Wajid Jawad, Alia Zafar, Arif Saeed, Javed Qureshi and chief executive Wasim Khan.

Raja told the board of directors, “I am grateful to all of you for appointing me as the PCB chairman and look forward to working with you to ensure that Pakistan continues to thrive and grow strong, both on and off the cricket field. Keep happening

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As a former cricketer, my second priority would be to look after the welfare of our past and present cricketers. The game has always been and will be about the cricketers, hence, they deserve more recognition and respect than their parent institution.”

Raja was a strong contender for the post of chairman after his predecessor Ehsan Mani stepped down. The 36th chairman of the PCB, Raja Ejaz Butt (2008–11), is the fourth former cricketer to be appointed to the position after Javed Burki (1994–95) and Abdul Hafeez Kardar (1972–77).

Raja said, “One of my main focus will be to help Pakistan men’s cricket team to present the same culture, mindset, attitude and approach that once made Pakistan one of the most cricket playing nations. As an organization, we all need to stand by the national team and provide them with the desired help and support so that they can build that brand of cricket which is also admired by the fans every time they step on the field of play. If so, expect them.”

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