This cricketer used to pick up garbage, today he is the most dangerous batsman in the world


West Indies cricketer Christopher Henry Gayle is celebrating his birthday today. Chris Gayle was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingston Jamaica. You must have always seen Chris Gayle laughing and smiling, but Chris Gayle has struggled a lot to achieve this feat. Do you know? Earlier Chris Gayle’s family lived in a cottage and Chris Gayle could not complete his studies due to being very poor.

Chris Gayle used to collect garbage to feed his family. Once in an interview given to a website, he has said that sometimes when he did not have anything to eat, he had to steal. Talking about Chris Gayle’s career, his cricket career started with Lucca Cricket Club. Chris Gayle played for the first time in Under-19 at that time and later played his first ODI against India in 1999. He then played his first T20I against New Zealand in 2006. However, Chris Gayle has also been associated with controversies. .

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Chris Gayle was accused of behaving contrary to the spirit of cricket during a Test match against New Zealand in 2006, although it was later found that he was not guilty. He publicly criticized the West Indies Cricket Board during his visit to England in 2007, which led to an official reprimand and warning. However, Chris Gayle is the only batsman to hit a six off the very first ball in Test cricket. He hit this six against Bangladesh. Chris Gayle said that the number 333 is very lucky for him, so he wears the number 333 jersey. For now, we wish Chris Gayle a very happy birthday.

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