Many months before the start of the Olympic Games, it remains in the discussion. Many players from all over the world come to take part in this great tournament of sports. For this they also practice. However, this game is also infamous for many other reasons. It is said about the Olympic Games that the players here also have sex fiercely. The organization of the Tokyo Olympics is in question. At the same time, the organizing committee has set a target of distributing 1 lakh 60 thousand condoms among the players in the game. But everyone is asking that why are condoms being distributed among the players? Now pictures of the beds received by the players have come to the fore, which have been called anti sex beds.

What is Anti Sex Bed?

Anti sex means that the player cannot romance on him even if he wants to. To prevent the spread of Corona, the organizers have come up with this trick. It also includes this bed. The players’ living space will be kept away from people. This bed is made from cardboard. It will be able to lift the weight of only 1 person. It will break if two people climb on it. This bed can’t even tolerate shock. The slightest pressure will break it and the player will be caught.

players expressed anger

Seeing the pictures of their beds, many players are also angry and they say that this bed will not be able to lift even their own weight. Also the size of the bed is also very small. Apart from this, he said that if he is not able to sleep properly at night, then he will not be able to perform in the morning. The players said that if you want to sleep on such a bed, then why are you distributing condoms?


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