Sports Desk. Friends, let us tell you that cricket is called ‘Gentleman’s Game’. Sports inculcates sportsmanship among the people. But friends, sometimes such incidents happen that everyone is surprised to see. Friends, a similar incident was seen in the cricket world. Everyone on seeing this is in awe.

For your information, let us tell you that a charity match was being played in the city of Kent, England. The match was going on when some people started fighting. Friends, this clash took a terrible form when the players were also attacked. You will be able to see in this VIDEO that some people with bats attacked the players. The match was canceled after this incident. Friends were all surprised because no one had seen them coming. As soon as this video came out, it went viral on Twitter.

Friends, let us tell you that this cricket tournament was organized to raise money for the foundation named ‘Share for Care’. According to Kent Online, the money is to be used to provide medical facilities in Pakistan. According to reports, Kent condemned it saying, ‘We tried our best for charity but these people spoiled everything. We were playing the final match and these were the last two overs when some people attacked other players on the pitch. Guys I don’t know the reason but they were some rowdy. They started fighting with their bat and started killing people. We will never tolerate such behavior.

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