Mohammed Shami, one of the best fast bowler in the modern cricket world, had attempted suicide several times.


One of Team India’s fast bowlers and comeback king Mohammed Shami is creating panic in this era of cricket world, but there was a time when he had made up his mind to say bye-bye to this world. This time was very tense for Shami, but instead of losing his life, he struggled a lot. Mohammed Shami, while talking to a famous website, unexpectedly revealed in the year 2020 that “he told that he faced many difficulties in his life, due to which he made up his mind to commit suicide thrice in his life. And one of the most devastating of them was the rift in his relationship with his wife Hasin Jahan. Along with this, he was also worried about his daughter.

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Mohammed Shami’s pain broke when he was live on Instagram with an explosive Indian opener Rohit Sharma, he said during that Instagram chat ‘It took me 18 months to return to the team after the injury in the 2015 World Cup. After all that was the most unfortunate tour of my career. At the same time, he also said, ‘You know how difficult it is to come back in a team like India’.

Mohammed Shami faced difficulties many times in his life. He also said, ‘I feel that if I did not get the support of the family at that time, which I needed the most, I would have quit cricket. I thought of committing suicide thrice. After the return, Shami finally said that when your people are with you, you can overcome any situation. The Indian fast bowler further said that if my family was not with me at that time, I would have taken some disobedient action and I thank them that they were with me.

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