Lovlina Borgohain created history in the Olympics, made her place in the semi-finals


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Lovlina Borgohain creates history! She ensured India another medal at the Tokyo Olympics by defeating former world champion Chen Nien-Chin of Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals of women’s welterweight pugilism at the Kokukigan Arena on Friday. Based on a place in the semi-finals, Lovlina Borgohain has at least a confirmed bronze medal. She is only the third Indian boxer after Mary Kom and Vijender Singh to win a boxing medal for India at the Olympics.

Lovlina said, “Feeling great after winning the quarterfinals, next is my semi-final. I will definitely try to do better in the semi-finals. I want to try and win the gold medal for India.” A media report after winning the quarterfinal match. India at Olympics, Day 7 Live Updates The 23-year-old woman from Assam displayed class and fearlessness by defeating her senior rival from Taiwan 4-1 in a quarterfinal match. Lovlina got off to a high with the veteran boxer toe-to-toe, and went on to win the opening round 3-2.

Lovlina ruled this so much that Chen was in tension to bounce back. And this gave Lovlina a chance to go after her opponent. Chen fell into the trap and Lovlina won in the second round to win it 5-0. The Indian boxer played tactfully from there because she knew she was almost there. A 4–1 result in the final round meant a possible victory for the Indian boxer.

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