Dog’s entry in the middle of the match, took the ball in the mouth and started a race with the fielders

New Delhi: Many funny incidents keep coming up on the cricket field. Something similar happened in the semi-final match of the All Ireland Women’s T20 Cup on Saturday. Yes, a dog came on the field during the match. Not only this, after hitting the batsman’s shot, he was running around holding the ball in his mouth. Due to this the match had to be postponed for some time. Let us tell you that in no time a video of a dog running on the field started going viral on social media. T20 match was played between Brady Cricket Club and Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club.

Dog’s entry in the middle of the match: Let us tell you that Brady Cricket Club, batting first, scored 105 runs in the match. Meanwhile it started raining. After which the Civil Service Club was given a target of 74 runs in 12 overs under the rule of Duckworth Lewis. Chasing the target, Civil Services Club scored 47 runs for 6 wickets in 8.3 overs. They needed 27 runs from 21 balls to win, only then the dog comes on the field.

According to media reports, all this happened when AB Lucky played the third man shot. The fielder standing here caught the ball and threw it towards the wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper threw the ball towards the stumps with the aim of dismissing the batsmen running for runs but the ball missed. Meanwhile, the dog reached there and started running after catching the ball. After which the dog was caught and taken out of the field. When the Civil Services Club started chasing this target, it had a poor start and they lost 6 wickets early. Brady’s club won the match and managed to make the final.


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