Sunday, January 16, 2022
HomesportsSports Gossip: Novak Djokovic gets relief from court

Sports Gossip: Novak Djokovic gets relief from court

World No. 1 Serbian Novak Djokovic is stuck in Australia. Their problem is that they are not taking the name of ending at all. Djokovic’s visa was revoked for violating COVID rules. At present, Djokovic was kept in the immigration department hotel for four days. Now a virtual hearing is being held in the Melbourne Court to accept the visa and play in the Australian Open, which is being watched by the whole world.

Permission to leave the hotel: The court said that Djokovic had received indications that his visa had been accepted while in Dubai, so he went to Australia. During the hearing, Novak Djokovic is relieved and the court has also allowed him to come out of the hotel. However, in the meantime, he will have to live with his lawyer and the same permission has been given to appear in the court hearing.

Judge Kelly, who is hearing the case, told the public prosecutor in the midst of an appeal that Novak Djokovic had given all the information according to the rules, so the man could have done more. Djokovic also tells of a medical problem approved by a professor, a doctor, that was enough according to the rules. Djokovic’s lawyer has made it clear that if he had not been given an advance exemption, he would not have come to Australia and talked about breaking the rules.




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