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South Cinema: Filmmaker Ali Akbar changed his slim religion to become a Hindu

Noted Malayalam filmmaker Ali Akbar has duly converted to Hinduism. On Thursday (January 13, 2022), he adopted Sanatan Dharma along with his wife Lusimma. He was now known as Ram Singh. The Kerala filmmaker had announced his return home in December 2021, when even religious fanatics waited happily after CD General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter crashed.

Some pictures of Ali Akbar and Lusimma have started going viral. In which in the midst of the purification ceremony, both are seen sitting near the Havan Kund and performing the Yagya. During this, Ali Akbar appeared in a white garb, wearing saffron robes and janeu on his shoulder. Pratish Vishwanath, leader of the International Hindu Parishad and Hindu Seva Kendram has said about this on Facebook.

Sharing a picture worshiping Ali Akbar, Pratish Vishwanath wrote, “History is repeating itself. Ali Akbar as Ramsimhan. At the same time, Pratish wrote #gharwapsi (homecoming) as a hashtag.

An interesting story is also being told behind the new naming of Ali Akbar. It is being said that about 8 decades ago in Malabar, a similar person gave up Islam and named himself Ram Simhan. After which the religious mob also attacked the man’s house, accusing him of blasphemy. Ram Simhan and his brother have been murdered. Other members of his family were forcibly picked up and taken to an undisclosed location by the mob. This incident happened a few weeks before the independence of the country.

Significantly, after the helicopter crash, Ali Akbar had announced to leave Islam live on Facebook. He had said, “It is not going to accept it. So I am giving up my religion, neither mine nor my family have any other religion. He came live and said, “I am throwing a piece of cloth with whom I was born. , In fact, when the film director started making live videos on CDS Rawat’s valor, even hardcore Islamists have made fun of him by hurting his sentiments by putting thousands of laughing emojis on his video. After his announcement Pratish Vishwanath said that it was great to see the current generation of Islam. Those whose ancestors were forcibly converted to religion are coming back to their roots.




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