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HomelifestyleSkin Care Tips: Water is a glowing skin, then follow this method

Skin Care Tips: Water is a glowing skin, then follow this method

Skin care is essential to get glowing skin in a week or month. You should do this by making a new mask every day. We will give you some tips on how to do that, and the beauty of your face will improve as a result. These facemasks help in removing the dirt and dead skin cells that build up on the skin on a regular basis. To achieve this, you should use a facemask on your face once a day.


Oatmeal: To make this, mix 2-3 spoons of oatmeal and make a paste by adding a little hot water to it. Leave this paste on the face for 30 minutes, then wash your face with water.
Yogurt: Using curd is beneficial to remove excess oil from the skin. This makes the skin look fresh. For this, apply 2-3 plain curd on the face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with water.


Green clay: Green clay is helpful in removing dirt and dead cells from the skin. For this, make a paste by mixing a little water in 2 teaspoons of green clay. Apply this paste on the face for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the face with water.

Honey and lemon juice: To make the skin healthy, mix a few drops of lemon juice in 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash the face with lukewarm water. Then clean it and apply moisturizer.




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