Sharad Pawar criticizes Modi government for hike in fuel prices


Mumbai: NCP chief Sharad Pawar has once again targeted the BJP over the raids conducted by central investigative agencies in Maharashtra. In fact, recently Sharad Pawar had said, “Efforts are being made by the central government to put Maharashtra in trouble. ED, CBI, Income Tax Department. Like being harassed through machines. Ed, CBI, Income Tax Department first harassed others. Ajit Pawar and his sister are being harassed now. He also said, “All the machinery of the central government is being used only to harass the state government. Many people in the state government were harassed. When it was seen that it had no effect, now Ajit Raids were started at the whereabouts of Pawar and his family so that the big hand could be killed. But this government will not fall.

At the same time, he said, “Power is in their hands, so they are doing all this. But it is not going to last long. The crisis called BJP in the country has to be removed. He again targeted the Modi government. From Pune. At the adjacent Pimpri-Chinchwad meeting, the Center said, “In whose hands they gave power, they divided the city. Put them to the side like potholes. Give power once again to the NCP, which has built the city.”

He also said, “I am going to the district to explain to the central government about the happiness and misery of the people of Maharashtra. Petrol, diesel, gas prices have gone up so much that the budget of their mothers and sisters has been messed up. When Manmohan Singh was in power, those in power today were not allowing the Lok Sabha to function properly.P Chidambaram said in his article today that the prices of petrol and diesel can be controlled if the central government Reduce your taxes by 25 percent but the central government is not ready to do so.



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