Seeing Aryan’s plight, Pak anchor said, ‘Shahrukh should leave India and come to Pakistan with family’


Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is in the headlines these days. In fact, his son Aryan Khan is in the custody of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) since October 4 and Aryan has not got bail yet. NCB alleged that Aryan Khan is part of a drug syndicate. On the other hand, the issue of Aryan Khan’s arrest has also arisen in the neighboring country of Pakistan. So far, all the stars and celebrities of Pakistan have supported Aryan Khan and Shahrukh Khan.


Now in the midst of all this, Pakistan’s famous anchor Waqar Zaka has recently tweeted in support of Shahrukh Khan. Recently he tweeted, “Shahrukh Khan sir, you should leave India and settle in Pakistan with your family. What the Narendra Modi government is doing to your family is absolutely wrong. I stand with Shahrukh Khan. ” Trolls are happening after his tweet. Actually some people are supporting Waqar’s tweet, but there are some who are making fun of him.


One user wrote in support of Shahrukh, ‘Shahrukh Khan’s wife is Hindu and he also celebrates Hindu festivals. A man who respects the religion of his wife is the mark of a true man.’ One user wrote, ‘Hurry up brother, nothing can happen to him here anyway.’ A user named Vasahin Zeeshan Warsi sneered and wrote, ‘Yes Shahrukh please come to Pakistan and work in a tea-drink drama on a TV channel, whatever it means, you did not expect such useless tweets.’



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