Second Hand Car Keep In Mind Before Buying Second Hand Car Know


Second Hand Car: In today’s time, there is a tremendous craze of cars in both the classes, whether it is the talk of the upper class people or the middle class. Talking about middle class people, sometimes due to financial problems in front of this class they are deprived of buying their favorite car, then in such a situation, second hand car appears as an option in front of you. In such a situation, the market of second hand cars is flourishing very well. In this case, many car companies have also opened their own second hand division and let us tell you that many non-banking finance companies are also providing you facilities like loans to buy these cars.

Second hand car market is as risky as other market, a little mistake can sink your lakhs of rupees, so let’s talk about what things you should keep in mind while buying a second hand car so that you can face any kind of problem. Don’t fall in

Check the documents of the vehicle- First of all, check all the important documents of the car. Also check the registration insurance and service record of the car. While buying a second hand car, take the original copy of the RC. Take a copy of the original bill of the second hand vehicle from the car seller as it contains the chassis number, date of delivery and engine number.

Prepare car budget The most important thing to buy any car is the budget of the car. In this way, make sure to make your budget before buying a second hand car and also keep in mind that which vehicles are available in your budget range. After buying a second hand car, you must also include the cost of other things like maintenance on it in your budget.

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The model of the car according to the budget- If the budget of the car is ready, after that you have to find out which model of which company can be taken in this budget, for information, let us tell you that in the second hand car market, almost every company model car is available. Is. While taking a car, it is also important that wherever you are going to take the car, there should be more than one model of the vehicle.

Be careful in the choice of dealer- You need to be very careful while choosing a dealer. Along with this, many car companies have their own use car platforms, including True Value of Maruti Suzuki Car and H Promise of Hyundai etc. So in this way you can also buy second hand cars of companies like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai. According to the information, these car companies provide warranty and free service facility on the purchase of second hand car just like a new car. You can also take the help of internet while buying a second hand car. Internet is considered to be a powerful medium for buying and selling used vehicles because on many car web side you get to see discounts along with additional offers.

Do a good car check- Before buying a second hand car, you should check the clutch, brake, gear, accelerator etc. of the car. And also do a test drive of the car. The most important thing is that you take this information from the dealer whether there has been any accident with the car. While taking a second hand car, you need to check the engine performance of the car and the mileage of the car, along with complete information about the tires, battery, seat, how far the vehicle has driven and scratches, etc.

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Get the car transferred in your name-First of all, you have to get the second hand car transferred in your name, after that all the necessary forms have to be submitted to the jurisdictional office of your area with Authentic Signature, thus the receipt becomes available with you within 15 to 18 days and from 40th to 45th Your name is also registered on the copy of RC during the day.

Get insurance in your name While taking a second hand car, if the RC is registered in your name and the insurance is in the name of the old owner of the vehicle, then your insurance policy can be canceled so after transferring the registration, it is necessary to have valid insurance in your name only.

Get the car service done before the first drive- After buying a second hand car, get all types of oil changed in it as well as get the interior and exterior cleaned completely.

second hand car market At present, the facility of buying a second hand car is available in both online and offline means. This market has grown very fast these days. At the same time, many car companies also have their own second hand division where you will get used vehicles at affordable prices, from where you can buy any used car. You can also take loan facility from many non-banking finance companies.


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