Scientists warn the world, this year the biggest cataclysm will come!


There are many rumors about the extinction of the Earth, and the news about it keeps on coming day by day. In the midst of all this, the world’s top scientists have once again warned of a cataclysm. Actually, recently scientists have said something in their report that will make you lose your senses. Indeed, Nature, the world’s largest journal, conducted a survey of scientists and was included in the survey of the journal that publishes the science reports that prepare the IPC’s climate report. Scientists in the survey are said to have shed light on several key issues regarding climate change on Earth.

Not only this, scientists have given a big warning about the coming of the holocaust on the earth. Actually, he has mentioned in this survey that when the earth will be ruined. Not only this, people in the world have also talked big things about children or not. It is said that the scientist had warned that at the end of the century there would be huge changes in the earth. By 2100, terrible changes are going to happen on the earth like a cataclysm. Let us tell you that 233 scientists from around the world have prepared the climate report of the IPC. The scientists are said to have included Paola Arias, a researcher at the University of Anticoa in Colombia. He said that the way the world is changing. Resources are being exploited. Pollution and heat wave conditions are increasing.

Living in the midst of all this is going to be difficult. On the other hand, Paola Arias warned, “As global warming increases, so will the sea level.” also increases. I don’t think world leaders are proactive about global warming. They are working very slowly. Thus, the earth cannot be saved. A large number of people are being displaced simultaneously due to natural calamities. It is said that by 2100 there will be disasters like unseasonal rains, cloudbursts, tsunamis, droughts and floods, which will cause human suffering.



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