Salman Khan’s girlfriend forced to run away OMG


Talking about the special friends of Bollywood film actor Salman Khan, the first number comes that of Iulia Vantur. She was also said to be Salman’s alleged girlfriend but Salman and Iulia never accepted it. Meanwhile, a video of Yulia is going viral in which she is seen harassing some girls.

The running of children selling goods behind people’s vehicles is nothing new. This time Salman Khan’s friend Yulia Vantur got caught in the circle of such girls. Some girls followed his car and tried to sell him tissues. Yulia did not understand anything until her driver had left. After this video of him surfaced on social media, people are making different types of comments. Most of the users are in favor of Yulia and are quoting the vendors incorrectly.

In the same video, Yulia is inside the car and some girls are trying to sell her tissues. The girls are saying Didi, we were not. A user who has seen the video has guessed that Yulia must have given money to someone earlier. Once again these girls get confused seeing them. The girls are seen trying to forcefully put their hands inside the glass of the car. Meanwhile, Yulia’s driver drives away the car, yet she is seen holding the car and running for a while.



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