Rochak News: You too will be surprised to know the truth of this village.


Washington- As soon as you come to America in the country, everyone’s mind gets acquainted with tall buildings, trains, fashionable people. But do you know that there is also a village in America which is very underdeveloped. Also it was found that this village is not located above the ground but at a depth of 3,000 feet.

Supai village in a deep gorge near the canyon: The Grand Canyon is very popular in America. About 5.5 million people visit Arizona every year. Near it is a village in a deep gorge near the Havasu Valley. The name of the village is Supai, but when it is deep, it is also quite famous as an underground village. Native Americans lived in this village of about 208 people. Even in today’s modern era, this village is completely backward.


Let us tell you that the villagers are very backward. In such a situation, these people live in a different world. The villagers have also seen their own customs. There is no train to travel in this village. To reach or walk to the village, one had to walk on foot or on a mule. Due to which 1-2 airplanes come here which connect this village to the nearest highway. Actually, there is no sure way to connect the village with the city. Horses, mules or airplanes are used to travel the city. Even though the village is far away from the urban facilities. But there are post offices, cafes, 2 churches, lodges, elementary schools and grocery stores. The villagers use the Havasupai language. They also cultivate bean pods and corn. People weavers go to cities to sell slit baskets for employment.


Where it is found that Supai village is so backward that it takes a lot of time to deliver letters. Actually this work has to be done on mules or horses also. There is no phone, email, fax facility in the village. It is very surprising to have such a backward village in a country like America. Also, to go to the village, one has to go through the bushes. In the middle of which are many maze-like sections.

Every year thousands of people visit this village. But the specialty of this village is to get permission from the Tribal Council of Havasupai before going here. Also in the village you can follow their rules.



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