Rochak News: There was pain in the stomach of the person, after going to the hospital to get the check done, the doctors were also stunned


Often when we have stomach pain, we ignore it as a common problem. But it is only when we reach the doctors that people get blown away when they know the truth. Recently something similar happened to a person. Actually, a person complained of stomach pain to the doctors. But when the doctors X-rayed him for the test, he too was stunned.

According to a report, a mobile phone came out of the patient’s stomach. It is being told that the phone was lying in the stomach of the patient for about 6 months. A 33-year-old man underwent abdominal surgery at Egypt’s Aswan University Hospital. Doctors performed surgery to remove the phone from his stomach. The phone was in the patient’s stomach for the last six months. Although, the patient would have a mobile phone in his stomach, the doctors had no idea.

The same doctor was surprised when he came to know that he has a mobile in his stomach. According to a report, Mohammad Al-Dahsouri, chairman of the board of directors of Aswan University Hospitals, said that this is the first time a patient has swallowed a whole mobile phone. So he had to undergo surgery. This is not the first time someone has swallowed a mobile. Similar incidents have come to the fore in the past as well. Many times it came in people’s life.



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