Redmi may soon launch Redmi K50i with a Fast Charging Feature of 67W


Redmi may soon launch Redmi K50i with a Fast Charging Feature of 67W

Redmi K50i Release on India: Redmi has recently launched its latest smartphone Redmi Note 11T Professional and Redmi Note 11T Pro on China. Chinese market. There is speculation that the company may launch the Pro version of this phone under the form of Redmi K50i in India. According to reports, a the battery will be 5080 mAh offered in this smartphone. The fast charging feature of 67 W could be added to this. The Redmi K50i’s features were leaked in a few media reports. Let us know what it might have in its specifications.

Possible Features of the Redmi K50i

  • The battery of 5,080 mAh can be included the 5,080 mAh battery Redmi K50i phone. Additionally the support for rapid charging of up to 67 W could also be included in the device.
  • Three back cameras are included in the Redmi K50i. It could be provided with an main camera of 64 MP and 8 MP ultra wide angle camera, and a 2 cameras with 2 MP.
  • In terms of cameras on the sides, a 16-megapixel front camera is included in the Redmi K50i smartphone for selfies and video calls.
  • The MediaTek Dimensity processor could be included in the Redmi K50i phone.
  • You can switch on memory and RAM. The Redmi K50i smartphone is available with two versions. The models will be available with 6GB RAM, 128 GB internal memory and 8 GB RAM , with 128 GB of internal storage.
  • Full HD display could be provided in the RedmiK50i smartphone starting from 6.6 inches screen. In addition it has a frequency of up to 144 Hz may be added to it.
  • It is thought that the highest brightness of 700 Nits can be seen in the Redmi K50in.
  • The speculation is that the Redmi K50i could be launched using MIUI built upon Android 12.
  • For security reasons the fingerprint sensor could be integrated into this phone.
  • Other features like stereo speakers 3.5 millimeter jacks can be found in the Redmi K50i.
  • It is believed about the mass of the Redmi K50i could be as high as 200 grams.
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