Recognize by these symptoms that you have a cold, flu or omicron?


One is the winter season and the other is the new variant of Corona Omicron has wreaked havoc all over the world, it would not be right to inform you that what is the situation of corona in the country, because you will be well aware of this, the condition of the country is getting worse day by day and In view of this, the central government of the country has asked the state governments to adopt strictness. Because Omicrons are more damaging than the delta type.

In winter, the third wave of corona is becoming a problem for the people. In winter, most people have a cold-cough or sore throat. There itself, The flu and Omicron have similar symptoms. In such a situation, winter for people, Cough, It becomes difficult to recognize flu and corona. People get scared when they see symptoms like mild cold or seasonal fever and body aches. although, These are not necessarily coronary symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, so you could have the flu or seasonal fever, But if you’re feeling inside out, So get the corona test done. The advantage is that you can start treatment on time. Let’s know what is winter, Symptoms of flu and corona.

corona omicron symptoms


fatigue and weakness

Cold, runny nose and sore throat

muscle pain

cough and phlegm

loss of taste and smell

Headache and high fever

nausea and sweating

acne on skin

cold symptoms

cold and stuffy nose

dry throat and headache

body and muscle aches



rising body temperature

pressure in the face and ears

flu symptoms

dry throat and headache


loss of appetite

abdominal pain or diarrhea

sudden fever

limb pain



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