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Rakhi Sawant said- If Rahul says yes then I am ready to get married

Rakhi Sawant, who is called Bollywood’s most popular item girl and drama queen, is celebrating her birthday today. Today is Rakhi’s birthday and she has turned 43 years old. Rakhi is making headlines these days due to her controversial statements. Not many people know that Rakhi Sawant has repeatedly insisted that she likes Rahul Gandhi. Rakhi was born on 25 November 1978 and she is now 43 years old.


Rakhi Sawant had changed her name to make a career in the film industry. His real name is Neeru Bheed, and he comes from a low-income family. At the age of ten, Rakhi Sawant is claimed to have served food for barely Rs 50 a day at Anil and Tina Ambani’s wedding.


This was disclosed by Rakhi Sawant herself in an interview given to a magazine in 2007. She said at the time that she lived in poverty and it was important for her to go to work to earn money. Rakhi Sawant had said in an interview that her mother used to do cleaning work in the hospital. Even though he worked in the hospital, he said that there is a shortage of food and drink in his house.

As a result, they occasionally ate the leftovers of people. According to Rakhi, girls were kept in their house with great fervor. He had revealed that he had insisted on playing dandiya at the age of 11. On the other hand, his mother got her hair cut to punish him.




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