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Presenting the evergreen songs of Kishore Kumar

Celebrated entertainment superstar Kishore Kumar is a name that has no end to definitions. Yet, in limited terms, he was an actor, singer, director, producer, music director and above all, a wonderful person. Kishore gave the best songs to the film industry which are still in the hearts of people. Kishore Kumar made many stars superstars with his voice.

Kishore ji is the biggest actor of Bollywood world. His songs still resonate in the country and the world. Today’s youth are also crazy about Kishore ji’s evergreen songs. Kishore Kumar’s voice and songs can make the whole day’s fatigue disappear like smoke when you want to make the journey from your office to home pleasant after being troubled by the fatigue of the day. All the remakes of his songs are being made today. No one has ever seen a lyricist, singer, composer and actor like Kishore Kumar. Let’s hear 4 evergreen songs of Kishore Da…

A girl got wet: –

O peace of my heart :-

In the window in front of me:-

Kishore Kumar lent his voice to more than 600 Hindi films in his film career. Apart from this, he also enthralled the audience with his captivating voice in Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bhojpuri and Oriya films. Kishore Kumar lent his voice to many actors but on some occasions Mohammad Rafi sang songs for him. Interestingly, Mohammed Rafi used to charge only Re 1 for the songs sung for Kishore Kumar.




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