PNB Cyber Alert For Cyber Fraud Complaint On This Helpline Number 1930


PNB Cyber Alert For Cyber Fraud Complaint On This Helpline Number 1930

PNB Cyber Alert for Cyber Fraud: Internet has completely changed the lives of all of us. In the last few years, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking have completely changed the way we do our banking transactions. Nowadays people have started buying everything online from shopping to medicine. For this, they resort to online payment. Due to this people’s life has become very easy.

Increasing cases of cyber fraud
Along with the increasing use of the Internet, an increase in the incidents of online fraud has also been registered. Nowadays cyber criminals are busy robbing people with different tricks. Cybercriminals empty their bank accounts by luring bank customers with various offers.

In such a situation, Punjab National Bank, the second largest public sector bank of this country, has alerted its customers. The bank has asked customers to be alert from cyber criminals. Along with this, the bank has advised to register your complaint immediately in case of any kind of fraud.

PNB tweeted the information
Punjab National Bank has given information on this matter by tweeting from its official Twitter handle that if any cyber criminal tries to trap you through phishing, then in such a situation file your complaint immediately. For this, you can register your complaint by visiting the cybercrime website Apart from this, you can also register your complaint by calling Cyber ā€‹ā€‹Crime Helpline Number 1930.

Phishing is one of countless techniques that fraudsters use to lure you into a scam, always be aware and if you find something suspicious, report it to : #cybersecurity #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav #AmritMahotsav @AmritMahotsav

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ā€” Punjab National Bank (@pnbindia) May 13, 2022

Ways to avoid cyber fraud

To protect yourself from cybercrime, do not share your personal information with absolutely anyone.

Before clicking on the link of any offer, verify about that offer by clicking on the official website of the company.

Do not share your PAN card details, Aadhar details (Aadhaar Card), Debit Card and Credit Card PIN, card number with anyone.

Do not share your personal information on calls made by the telecom company.


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