PIB Fact Check Modi Govt Giving 6000 Rupees Per Month


PIB Fact Check Unemployment Allowance: The Modi government at the Center keeps on bringing various schemes from time to time for the common and poor people of the country. Through these schemes, she gives various types of financial help to the poor section, students and youth of the country. But, many times people who commit cyber crime send many types of fake messages in the name of government schemes. In such a situation, it is very important to fact-check these viral messages.

Recently, a message related to unemployment allowance is becoming very viral on social media. In this viral message, it is being claimed that the government will soon start giving unemployment allowance in the accounts of the youth. If someone sent you this viral message too, then find out the truth of this message. So let’s know about this-

PIB tweeted the information
PIB has said in its tweet, ‘In a viral Whatsapp message, it is being claimed that under the Prime Minister’s unemployment allowance scheme, the government is giving an allowance of ₹ 6,000 every month to unemployed youth. This message is fake. Government of India is not running any such scheme. Please do not forward such messages.

PIB did fact check-
In this viral message of unemployment allowance by PIB, it is being claimed that the Modi government at the Center has started the ‘Pradhanmantri Berojgari Bhatta’ scheme. Under this scheme, Rs 6,000 will be deposited every month in the account of every unemployed youth. If you are getting this message through social media or through message or email, then tell that this message is completely fake. If someone is sending you such a message, then be careful. People who commit cyber crimes can send this message. Replying to such messages can make you a victim of cybercrime. Along with this, keep in mind that how you avoid forwarding such messages.

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