Monday, November 29, 2021
HomenationalOwaisi was furious when worship was done instead of Namaz, said -...

Owaisi was furious when worship was done instead of Namaz, said – this is direct hatred towards Muslims

New Delhi: Controversy has been increasing in Gurugram regarding open Namaz for a long time. Govardhan Puja was performed yesterday in Sector 12 at the same place where Friday prayers are offered. Political turmoil has started regarding this matter. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has reacted to worship instead of Namaz. He has shown it as outright hatred towards Muslims.

‘Straight hatred for Muslims’: Asaduddin Owaisi posted on Twitter that protests against Friday prayers in Gurgaon are a perfect example of how radical these “protesters” have become. This is outright hatred towards Muslims. How is it hurting someone to practice my faith or offer the Friday prayer for 15-20 minutes once a week?

Worship instead of Namaz: Where it is learned that on Friday, the ceremony of Govardhan Puja started in the same park of Sector-12 where Friday prayers were offered. During this, heavy police force was deployed at all places. BJP leader Kapil Mishra was also present in the puja. He demanded that roads are not meant for religious activities.

Peaceful worship and Namaz: According to the information received, the police administration completed the meeting with both the parties regarding the earlier prayers and worship, the police were also on high alert between worship and prayers. According to police officials, everything was peaceful. No incident came to light from anywhere.




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