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HomelifestyleOMG! Whales become more dangerous after death

OMG! Whales become more dangerous after death

We all know that whales are marine fish and the largest creatures in the world. A full grown whalefish is about 110 feet long and weighs 180 tons. When this giant creature roams in the oceans, big submarine ships and sea creatures change their path after seeing it. Even though it is so huge, the whale is not at all dangerous for humans, but do you know that if the whale dies, it becomes very dangerous for humans, yes, the corpse of the whale is very dangerous and It can also kill humans like a bomb explosion? So let’s know why this happens today…

Why is the corpse of the whale dangerous: Let us tell you that when the whale dies, the waves of the sea bring it to the shore and leave it. In such a situation, those who have not been able to see the dead whale, they reach to see its body, but hardly anyone knows that going near a dead whale can be dangerous for life, because the dead whale A whale can explode at any time. It explodes due to an explosion, which becomes a major threat to humans after the whale dies.

Why does the body of a dead whale explode?: Yes, the body of a dead whale explodes because after the death of organisms, bacteria start eating the inside of the body, that is why different types of gases start forming in their body, Due to which their body develops rapidly. . The same process occurs in large quantities inside whales as well. At the same time, the outer layer of the whale is very strong, which prevents the gas from coming out of the body and causes an explosion. Therefore, when the whale dies, its body is cut off so that the gas continues to escape. There have been many times when the body of the whale bursts while biting and the flesh comes out and spreads for several meters. Many things have to be taken care of even before cutting the body. The situation worsens when the body of a several-ton whale explodes.




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