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HomelifestyleOMG scientists say asteroid may hit Earth tomorrow

OMG scientists say asteroid may hit Earth tomorrow

Scientists have recently told that if the asteroid collided with the Earth, it would have caused a terrible disaster. A total of 77 megatons of energy will be released by this effect. That is, the world’s largest nuclear weapon would have 1.5 times the energy of the hypothetical bomb. NASA is keeping a close watch on the movements of this asteroid.

On November 28, 1994, American astronaut Carolyn Schumacher found the asteroid at Palomar Observatory. WR12 was given the designation in 1994. Asteroid WR12 1994 will pass 3.8 million kilometers from Earth on Monday. Although experts believe that this asteroid will pass through the atmosphere of our planet. Alan Duffy, direct from the Institute for Space Technology and Industry, argues, according to reports, that the event need not pique public interest. “I suggest not to look at this object with your own eyes for God’s sake,” he told reporters.

He has to accept that it has the potential to be harmful. He said a rising figure in Russia was badly damaged in 2013. A Chelyabinsk incident has happened. Selibinsk is a big city with a lot of structure. People shouldn’t engage in these high-octane activities if they don’t have to. There’s a really bright glow about them. This can result in damage to the retina of the human eye. If that’s the case, make sure you’re not looking directly at it.




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