OMG owner burnt his own car in the middle of the road, know the reason


Gwalior: In Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh, a car owner became so angry that even the employees of the company were shocked by the action of the finance company to lift the car. When the car owner threatened him with a bottle of petrol in his hand, he took it lightly, but in anger, he put petrol in the car and set the car on fire. The employees of the company were astonished.

It is said that Vinay Sharma, who lives on Gola Mandir Road Bhind Road, had bought a car from a finance company but did not deposit the installment on time. The finance company had given a reminder in this regard. Today Vinay Sharma’s car was parked on the roadside near Gola Mandir near his house, when the recovery team of the finance company arrived. He had asked Vinay Sharma to deposit the finance installment. Talks between the two sides intensified and the recovery team of the finance company asked to pick up the car.

When Vinay Sharma, the owner of the same car, heard about the recovery team of the finance company picking up the car, his anger increased. He lost his temper. He filled a bottle with petrol and waved the bottle in the air and told the team to take it now. His anger increased further. He opened the car gate and put the petrol bottle on the seats. Then he set on fire. The car was immediately burnt to ashes.



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