Sunday, November 28, 2021
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OMG man did not get entry in SBI Bank

Nowadays many shocking cases are coming to the fore and one such shocking case has come to the fore from Kolkata. Actually a person here has made a shocking claim. They say that they were returned from a State Bank of India (SBI) branch only because they were wearing shorts. Not only this, the bank staff asked him to come wearing full pants. Now that person has complained to SBI on Twitter and asked, ‘Is there any dress code for the customer coming to the bank?’

The name of the young man being talked about in this case is Ashish, a resident of Kolkata and the bank has given the answer to his question. In fact, tagging SBI, Ashish wrote in his tweet, ‘Today I went to SBI in one of your branches wearing shorts, on which I was told that I have to come back wearing full pants because the branch expects the customers to maintain civility. Official policy on what the customer can and cannot wear?” On the other hand, in response to Ashish’s tweet, the bank said, “There is no such dress code.”

Responding to the tweet, SBI wrote, ‘We understand and respect your concern, we make it clear that there is no policy or prescribed dress code for our customers, they can be dressed as per their choice and locally accepted norms/traditions may be taken into account. /culture for public space. Although a lot of comments are now coming on Ashish’s tweet and some people are telling the bank wrong and some are telling Ashish wrong.




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