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OMG! Even in weddings, people call fake guests by paying money, the reason is shocking

There is also a country where fake guests are invited by paying money to a wedding ceremony. Actually the people here believe that the more guests there will be in their function. Their social circle will look much bigger.

We all have heard about renting or renting out things like flats, houses or electronic items. But did you know that when you hire fake guests, you get men too. This may sound strange to you, but it is 100% true. Actually, there is a country where rented guests are invited to pay money for the wedding. There are many agencies in this country. Which has been specially made for this work.

Talking about the country of South Korea. Where inviting more and more people to the wedding party is considered a proof of their popularity in the society. The people here do not hesitate to buy guests by paying money to increase their social circle. Not only this, you will be surprised to know that agencies are also run in this country to hire guests.

According to media reports, there are many such agencies in South Korea. Who takes the money and arranges the fake wedding guest. For this these people are specially trained. They act in a marriage in such a way that the person in front of them considers them a close relative of the family. There are several agencies in South Korea, such as Hijack Friends, that provide fake guests. According to the report, business came to a standstill during the Corona period. But now it has started again.

Agencies handling fake guests say that more than 99 guests were banned due to restrictions in the Corona epidemic. But now this number has been increased to 250. After the lifting of the ban, now these agencies are getting double calls. However, the condition of vaccination has been added in the recruitment of these guests. Let us tell you – the guest’s fare is fixed at 20. Meaning according to Indian currency, you will have to spend 1500 rupees for a fake guest. In South Korea, people invite 20-25 fake guests to the wedding.




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