OMG Can someone amputate his leg for 23 crores? Look what this boy did…


According to media reports, the case pertains to Nyircaszari, Hungary, where the District Court recently ruled that a man named Sender deliberately lay in front of a train to get insurance payments and £2.4 million (about Rs 239.7 million) in compensation. happened. In a shocking incident in 2014, 54-year-old Sender lost both his legs. He has been using prostheses since then and is in wheelchair support. After losing his leg, Sender approached insurance companies to pay, but his trick was foiled.

In fact, he had taken 14 high risk life insurance policies shortly before Sender lost his leg. When the insurance companies came to know about this, they got suspicious. They delayed the claim, which angered Sender and took him to court. During the hearing in the court, the insurance companies and the sender made their point.

Sender claimed in the court that he decided after receiving financial advice that the returns on insurance policies were better than on savings accounts. That’s why he took the policy. The sender said that he slipped on a piece of glass and lost control and fell on the train track. Both his legs were amputated in the accident. However, a seven-year-old investigation has concluded that he intentionally lay down in front of the train to collect the money.



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