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HomelifestyleNow these home remedies will get rid of ear pain

Now these home remedies will get rid of ear pain

Most of the problems that are very difficult to treat are very difficult in many ways, and one of these problems is earache. Yes, earache is such a problem that it is very difficult to get rid of immediately. So we use all kinds of products. For which they spend money without even thinking. But many times we are not able to get rid of this problem, so today we have come up with some such home remedies, with the help of which you can get relief from ear pain.


Use fruits like guava, lemon, orange, papaya etc. It helps in reducing earache.

Grind 3 cloves of garlic in sesame oil and heat it well. Then filter it and fill it in a vial. Put 4-5 drops of it in the ear. The pain will go away immediately.

Dripping 2 drops of ginger juice also ends earache and swelling.


Onion juice also ends earache. It also helps reduce ear inflammation, pain and infections.

Warming olive oil lightly and putting it in the ear also ends earache.

Putting two drops of juice of fresh basil leaves in the ear also provides relief.

Mulhatiā€™s ear is useful in pain. Roast it in ghee and grind it finely to make a paste. Then put it on the ear. The pain will be completely gone.




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