Sunday, November 28, 2021
HomenationalNihang, who cut the leg of Dalit Lakhbir, his wife said -...

Nihang, who cut the leg of Dalit Lakhbir, his wife said – she is proud of her husband

New Delhi: Recently, a Dalit youth Lakhbir Singh was brutally murdered on the Singhu-Kundli border. The Sonepat court sent three accused in the case, Nihangan Narayan Singh, Bhagwant Singh and Govind Preet Singh, to six-day police remand on Sunday (17 October 2021). According to the report, the accused have confessed to the murder of Lakhbir before the judge. However, the counsel for the accused has denied this. Sarabjit Singh, the fourth accused in the case, has already been taken on 7-day remand.

On October 17, the Sonepat Crime Branch and the police had approached the court regarding the three accused. The arrested Nihang Narayan Singh, Bhagwant Singh and Govind Preet Singh admitted before the court that they were carrying out the killing of Lakhbir Singh near the Singhu border. Narayan Singh told the court that he had amputated Lakhbir’s leg, Sarabjit had cut off the paw of his hand and Govind Singh and Bhagwant Singh had hanged him on the barricading.

Advocate Sandeep Sharma, who defended them, said, “Muslims protect the Quran and Christian Bibles. In such a situation, Nihangs also have the right to protect their Guru Granth. What they have done is right. If not insult the Guru’s book.” Again, we will not back down. Narayan Singh’s wife Paramjit Kaur was also present at the spot when he was taken into police custody. Kaur said, “She is proud of her husband because he has insulted the Guru Granth Sahib.” I have punished the person guilty for this. If anyone commits such a heinous crime, I will punish him now.”




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