US VP Kamala Harris accuses Beijing of coercion and intimidation in the South China Sea


United States Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday accused Beijing of coercion and intimidation in the hotly disputed South China Sea, as she sought to rally allies against an increasingly assertive China and pledge that Washington is an independent and Will chase open Indo Pacific.

Harris’ remarks came during a visit to Singapore and ahead of a visit to Vietnam, where US officials aim to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to the region and address concerns about China’s claims over disputed parts of the South China Sea. “We know that Beijing continues to assert, intimidate and coerce claims over the vast majority of the South China Sea,” Ms Harris said in a speech in Singapore. Referring to the decision of an international tribunal on China’s claims in The Hague, she said that “these unlawful claims have been quashed by a 2016 arbitral tribunal’s decision, and Beijing’s action undermines the rule-based order and states that threatens the sovereignty of

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Beijing has been accused of deploying a range of military hardware, including anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles, and overlooked a 2016 decision by the international tribunal, which denied its historic claim over most of the waters. declared basis.



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