Twitter has suspended Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene for posting “misleading” information about the coronavirus. The social media giant said that its account will be in “read-only mode” for 12 hours.

Ms Green, a Republican congresswoman, has been an outspoken critic of vaccines and the use of masks. Last month he apologized for comparing coronavirus mask rules to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. In two tweets on Monday, he argued that vaccines should not be needed, and that Covid is not dangerous for people under 65 who are not obese. Both posts are still on display, but they are tagged as “misleading” by Twitter.

Ms Green was suspended from Twitter in April, but the company later revoked the ban, saying it was a mistake due to its automatic moderation system. In response to her latest suspension, Ms Green said the Silicon Valley firms were attacking free speech with support from the White House.


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