Taliban militants are ramping up activities to capture more districts, as US forces complete the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan security forces are retaliated to foil the terrorist group’s efforts.

In the latest wave of conflict, the Taliban have intensified attacks on Kandahar City, the capital of Southern Kandahar Province, Talukan City, the capital of Northern Takhar Province, Kunduz City, the capital of Northern Kunduz Province and Kala-e-Nau, the capital of Badghis Province. . In the city of Kandahar, a former stronghold of the western Taliban, officials said on Tuesday that dozens of people were killed and injured in the past 24 hours, including women and children.

A doctor at Mir Vais Hospital in Kandahar city said on condition of anonymity that since Tuesday morning, 18 injured civilians, including nine children and a woman, have been taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that two bodies have also been taken to the hospital. A military official, Syed Naeem, said on Tuesday that the Taliban attack on the taluk city was foiled and the militants withdrew leaving 12 bodies.

Militants have captured three districts, including the districts of Malustan in Jap Ghazni province and Kohmard and Sighan districts of central Bamyan province, in the past 24 hours, during which the Kuran-wa-Munjan district of Badakhshan province was retaken by security forces.


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