The brutal face of Taliban exposed in Panjshir, the young man was shot openly

Kabul: When the terrorist group ‘Taliban’ established its rule over Afghanistan 20 years ago, the brutal face of Taliban was seen by the whole world. The Taliban has once again seized power in Afghanistan with the help of artillery. Where the cases of the brutality of the Taliban are now coming to the fore again. In the latest case, in Panjshir, the Taliban captured the right people and tied their hands behind them, and one of them was publicly roasted by the terrorists from the streets and the other took with them.

Earlier, the Taliban had also tortured women. When Afghan women were protesting for their rights. According to a report, in the capital Kabul, women were demonstrating against the Taliban for their rights. Some Taliban militants assaulted and thrashed the protesting women. Fierce fighting is going on between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley. Taliban men have been killed in the ongoing fighting.

The Northern Alliance has also suffered a lot in this battle. The Taliban are currently claiming to have captured Panjshir, while the Resistance Front maintains that the presence of a terrorist organization in Panjshir does not mean the end of the war. The Taliban have formed their cabinet and are imposing their laws on women.


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