Taliban is not deterring antics, then reneged on its big promise


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Haqqani Network has been included in the acting ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’. Thus, the Taliban’s promises that it will not provide safe haven to the jihadists and prevent radical ideas have been exposed. The deputy leader of the Taliban and the new Interior Minister of Afghanistan is Sirajuddin Haqqani. Sirajuddin Haqqani heads the network and US-based experts speak of the network as a criminal company.

The appointment of the same Sirajuddin and other extremists into government characters has extinguished the hope that extremists are placing more emphasis on reducing their hardline views. According to the report, the history of al-Qaeda ties and attacks against the US leaves Washington with no less choice than to trust the Haqqani network. Many of the people who have been given ministerial posts by the Taliban are leaders who are on the terrorist list of the US or the United Nations.

Kamal Alam, a security expert at the same American think tank Atlantic Council, said: “They are playing the best game by keeping the door open for Western intelligence agencies. They have killed and detained some Islamic State members in recent weeks.” Taken in. The Uday Haqqani Network shows how important the group is in the fight against the Afghan government and coalition forces,” said Ioannis Koskinas, a senior fellow at the New America think-tank.


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