Taliban claimed to have captured Panjshir Valley, Pakistan Army helped terrorists

Kabul: The Taliban on Monday claimed that it has captured the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan. War broke out between the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan and the Taliban. Meanwhile, it is alleged that the Pakistani Air Force has helped the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley. Pakistan dropped bombs here with drone strikes, which gave success to the Taliban. According to former Samangan MP Zia Arianzad, Pakistan has planted smart bombs through drones in Panjshir.

This led to the assassination of Ahmad Masood’s spokesman Faheem Dasti Panjshir during the war with the Taliban, who was leading the war against the Taliban. Along with Fahim, Ahmed Shah Masood’s nephew and former major Mujahideen commander General Sahib Abdul Wadud Zor was also killed in the battle. Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front explained the two deaths in its Facebook page and wrote, “With deepest touch and regret, we lost two dear brothers and allies and fighters today. Faheem Dasti, head of the office of Amir Saheb Ahmed Masood , and General Sahab Abdul Wadud Zor, nephew of Afghanistan’s national hero in the war against the fascist group. Congratulations on your martyrdom!

Afghan journalist Freud Bejan also tweeted that Faheem Dasti died in Panjshir. Last month, Faheem Dasti said that the resistance forces in Panjshir were fighting against the Taliban not only for the province but also for Afghanistan. “We are fighting not just for one province, but for the whole of Afghanistan,” he said. We are concerned about the rights of Afghans, women, minorities. The Taliban must assure equality and rights. ”


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