Taliban blew up the bridge, when the war reached its peak in Panjshir, the Northern Alliance gave a strong response

Kabul: The terrorist organization Taliban is claiming to form and operate the government peacefully in Afghanistan in front of the world on one hand. But on the other hand Taliban fighters are constantly trying to infiltrate the Panjshir area. According to the information, on Tuesday night also the Taliban tried to enter Panjshir, where it faced the fighters of the Northern Alliance (NA).

According to a tweet by local journalist Naitik Malikzada, a fierce fighting broke out between Taliban fighters and Northern Alliance fighters in the Gulbahar area at the entrance to Panjshir, Afghanistan. Not only this, there is also news of a bridge being blown up by the Taliban here. Apart from this, many fighters have been caught. Earlier on Monday night, there was an encounter between Taliban militants and the Northern Alliance, when about 7-8 Taliban fighters were reported to have been killed. Let us tell you that Panjshir is still away from the Taliban, where the northern coalition is fighting a war against the Taliban under the leadership of Ahmed Masood.

Fighting with Taliban militants was also confirmed by Ahmed Masood’s spokesman Faheem Dashti. According to Faheem, on Monday night, the Taliban attacked in Panjshir and infiltration was attempted, but could not succeed. Let us tell you that the Taliban has already shut down the internet in Panjshir area. However, it was later opened.


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