Taliban and Northern Alliance start talks, both agree on ceasefire

Kabul: Talks between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance have resumed in Panjshir, Afghanistan. The Taliban may have captured the entire area, but they are yet to reach Panjshir. The war between the two factions was going on here for a long time, but now a ceasefire has been agreed.

According to reports, talks have started between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban led by Ahmed Masood in Parwan. On behalf of the Taliban, Maulana Amir Khan is leading the Muktai talks. The Taliban have named the talks Aman Jirga. The meeting is going on in Charikar area of ​​Parwan district. On Panjshir, the Taliban has said that both sides have agreed on a ceasefire. In Panjshir, the fighters of both the sides will not fire at anyone and neither will any tension arise.

In the past, there were reports of gunfights between militant group Taliban and Northern Coalition fighters along the borders of Panjshir, where around 300 Taliban were killed. The Taliban have been continuously trying to capture Panjshir, but the Northern Alliance is adamant on not doing so.


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