Sri Lankan health experts have cautioned that the delta variant recently detected in the country could cause chaos in the coming weeks, according to reports. “We are in danger because the delta variant causes havoc on severe disease and deaths unless the population is vaccinated. The vulnerable population is the adult,” said Professor Neelika Malvige in the Department of Immunology and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Currently, Sri Lanka is administering more than 300,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine every day for people over the age of 30, with 7 percent of the eligible population being fully vaccinated, and medical experts have advised the country to open up by then. Not recommended unless everyone is within the age group. Vaccinated. Medical experts have said that only vaccinations are complete, especially on adults, whether the country can think of returning to a complete normalcy. Officials aim to complete the vaccination by the end of August or early September, Malvige said.

Health officials said that more than 50 lakh people across the country have been vaccinated while the vaccination program is going on in full swing. According to health ministry data, the vaccine currently being administered in Sri Lanka is Sinoform. To date, the country has 284,933 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 3,779 deaths.


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