Sri Lanka beauty queen arrested by police, know why?


Colombo: Former Sri Lankan beauty queen Caroline Juri, Mrs Sri Lanka’s 2019 winner, who tried to seize the crown of this year’s winner Pushpika De Silva, who disputed the stage, has been arrested over the incident. Thursday

The arrest was confirmed by police spokesperson DIG Ajit Rohana. Rohana said that police are currently recording statements of the arrested suspects. Meanwhile, De Silva also refused to settle the case without an apology.

On Sunday night De Silva was named the winner of the competition held in Colombo. Sometime later, Juri confiscated De Silva’s crown, claiming that she could not be divorced because she was divorced, the BBC reported.

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“There is a rule that prevents women who are already married and divorced, so I am taking steps to move Taj to another place,” Juri told the audience.

He placed the crown on the runner-up, prompting a de Silva to walk off the stage, showing a video of the incident. The organizers have apologized to De Silva, who says she is separated, but not divorced. The title has also been returned to him.

In a Facebook post, she said that she had gone to the hospital for treatment of head injuries after the incident.




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