President asked the anti-Elite ITN party to form a new government


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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on Friday asked the party, There Is a People (ITN), the largest political force with 65 seats in the newly elected 240-member parliament, to form a new government. According to reports, the President has assigned the exploratory mandate to Plamen Nikolov, ITN’s nominee for prime minister. According to the Bulgarian constitution, Nikolov now has seven days to propose a government, which must be approved by parliament by a simple majority.

In the snap elections held on July 11, the ITN party, which was founded in 2019 by Bulgarian singer and politician Slavi Trifonov, got 24.08 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, a coalition of the conservative-populist GERB party and the Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) won 63 seats to become the second largest force in parliament. It was followed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) with 36 seats, the Democratic Bulgaria Electoral Alliance with 34 seats, and the Rights and Freedoms of Movement with 29 seats.

It was previously predicted that prolonged political uncertainty could hamper Bulgaria’s ability to effectively tap the EU’s €750 billion coronavirus recovery fund and slow its preparations to adopt the euro currency in 2024. Is.


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